Yuko & Tomoya’s Couple Photoshoot

Yuko & Tomoya came to Provence for their honeymoon in August, so they contacted me for a couple photoshoot & day trip. 

I picked them up from their hotel and we went to lots of famous sights in Provence, including the lavender & sunflower fields, Notre-Dame de Senanque, Fontaine de Vaucluse and Roussillon along with other stop offs along the way. 

We took so many beautiful photographs over the course of 4 hours and it was so lovely showing them around. I gave them a little bit of history and showed them the less touristy parts, all the while photographing their day. 

Although I am no longer in Provence, if you do want a day trip & couple photoshoot session, contact me so we can discuss ideas on +33632345158 or contact@provencephotography.fr.

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