Welcoming Baby Ella – Family & Baby Photoshoot

Baby Ella was born in May 2017 and so Tracey contacted me wanting to do a family & baby photoshoot to celebrate her daughter's arrival. We went to Park de la Torse in Aix en Provence (south of France) to take some beautiful photographs to share with family & friends.

They were such a lovely family and lots of fun to be around. We took some photographs of the children on their own, but also some family photographs too.

Tracey wanted natural/lifestyle type photographs of them having fun in the park. Of course we got a couple of "posed" photographs to make sure we have 1 or 2 with all 4 of them looking at the camera but the rest of the time, they were doing their own thing, and I just captured it all. 

I also brought along a bunch of flowers which we decorated around Ella to take some beautiful nature inspired photographs, which are my favourites from the day!

Contact me on +33632345158 or contact@provencephotography.fr to organise a family or baby photoshoot. 

"Super excited to see them all and thank you for such
a lovely afternoon with you, Rosie."

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