Vanessa’s Lyft Photoshoot

I have photographed Vanessa before, so when she asked me to photograph her again, I jumped at the chance! 

Vanessa is an Influencer in Miami and needed some photographs for a sponsored post for Lyft. She came up to North Beach and we walked around until we found a beautiful backdrop, which was the Beachside accommodation. 

Vanessa wanted several outfit photos and candid shots. But she also needed photographs of her using the Lyft app on her phone, then some photographs of her getting into the car.

I edit my photographs slightly differently for every job and feel like I know Vanessa's style well enough to make sure the photos match her other Instagram photographs seamlessly. 

Provence Photography - Blogger Photoshoot

"Rosie Andre is a great photographer and lovely person. She has an excellent eye for capturing natural and candid moments, as well as great technique. As a blogger, I need photos with a specific aesthetic for my social media content, and Rosie understands and adapts the photoshoots exactly for what I need. I would recommend her to anyone, no matter if you’re looking for social media content or saving memories of a special occasion. For sure you’ll love her work!"
Vanessa Tilley

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