Vanessa’s Lifestyle Photoshoot

Since moving to Miami around 4 weeks ago, I have been contacting lots of different people on Social Media - mainly on my Instagram account, looking for new customers.

I came across Vanessa and her super cute Instagram page with around 37.5 thousand followers! So, I contacted her and asked if we could do a photoshoot together and she agreed!

Vanessa suggested this gorgeously girly café in Wynwood called Ms Bunnies Cakes where everything is right out of a fairytale! I think all of the cakes are vegan, gluten free & organic so it's a great spot for people who are health conscious but who like to indulge every now and then! 

This place has a shop in the front where you can buy a selection of amazing cakes but also a 'studio' space behind where kids (and adults!) can go and decorate their own cakes!

This means that Ms Bunnies Cakes is a perfect spot for a catch up with friends, a child's birthday party, but also a photoshoot!

"I'm really happy for finding Rosie Andre! She is a friendly and attentive photographer, making me feel very comfortable during the photoshoot. Her work is amazing, and I'm so pleased with the pictures.
I'd recommend her to anyone!"

Vanessa Tilley

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