Twana & Dontee’s Best Friend Photoshoot

Twana & Dontee have been friends since they were children but don't see each other as often as they would like. So when they came to Miami for a best friend weekend away together, they organised a photoshoot with me to have some professional photographs taken.

They were staying in a really nice hotel on the beach with a rooftop terrace which is where we started the shoot. We moved down to the pool and then onto the beach for some swimsuit photos.

These two women were hilarious and spent the whole time laughing hysterically, which was so much fun for me! We got some more serious photographs like this one, but most of them were genuine photographs of them laughing together and having fun! 

I had such a lovely time photographing the both of them and I think we got some really great photographs!

"Rosie is the best!! I found her in a FB group for Miami photographers. My best friend and I were doing a best friend photo shoot. Rosie reached out to me, very excited about taking on the shoot. Her pictures and website looked GREAT! There is so much information on her website. We decided to go with Rosie and gave her picture examples of what we wanted. The day of the shoot was perfect. Rosie was very punctual. She also brought her husband for videography and they both had a great eye for good spots and moving small objects in the background that we didn't pay the slightest bit of attention to. We had so much fun shooting with Rosie. We got a ton of shoots in different locations in less than 2 hours. Rosie then delivered a ton of GORGEOUS photos very quickly. With the amount of photos she gave us, I wouldn't have expected them so quickly!

You HAVE to use Rosie if you have the opportunity. She was great!"

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