Natasha’s Beach Photoshoot

Natasha organised this shoot a while ago with me. She came to Miami on her own for a bit of a relaxing weekend. She is a single mother of 2 beautiful children and wanted a little bit of me time. And good on her for doing so!

However, the day we had the shoot organised, was the start of a tropical storm! We met up at 8.30am at her hotel and got a taxi together down to South Pointe where we hid in the Hilton Hotel until the rain slowed down and stopped. 

We then got some photos on the beach, on the path and on South Pointe Pier in her beautiful white dress and it started raining again! So we ran under the nearest lifeguard tower to escape the rain. Natasha changed into her swimsuit and we took some test shots to see how her swimsuit looked on camera. I wouldn't usually take photos under a lifeguard tower but I loved the lighting, compositions & structures of the tower and actually really love the photos. 

Once the rain stopped again briefly we went to the next lifeguard tower which is a bright orange & purple one and took photos there. Natasha looked AH-MAZING in her bright orange swimsuit next to the orange & purple lifeguard tower! We then got some shots on the beach and in the water and we were done!

We had such a fun shoot together and got some really beautiful and sexy photographs that I can't wait for her to see!

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