Mateo’s 17 Month Photoshoot

I originally wanted to photograph Mateo in my home studio but his mom Jo said he is running around a lot at the moment so I decided the beach would be a better idea so he has the space to run and be free.

That didn’t exactly happen as it was his first time at the beach and therefor his first time walking on sand. He was a little unsteady at first on the sand that moved below his little feet but he was soon walking on his own.

The thing that was really lovely to see was his reaction to all of these firsts. First time walking on sand, first time letting sand slip through his fingers, first time dipping his toes in the ocean, first time watching the birds fishing for food, first time watching the planes fly over the water, first time sitting on sand.. these were all fascinating to him and it was beautiful watching him take all of this in for the first time.

He just stood at the shoreline and watched out over the crashing waves with a huge smile on his face. What a beautiful moment for the family but also for me to document this for them.

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