Mariana’s Blogger Photoshoot

I found Mariana on Facebook as I was looking for a model to do some city chic photographs in Miami's Brickell district.

We started with a pink blazer dress, pink and red strap shoes and a gorgeous pink bag. We shot this look in Brickell's City Centre Shopping Mall which I think looked beautiful with the colours of her dress and the styling. Also, a guy with a dachshund puppy walked past and said we could pose with her which looks super cute in the photos!

Mariana then changed into a more casual chic outfit with ripped jeans, a white tee, a blazer, some heels and a gorgeous bag. This time we walked around Brickell a little while until we found a couple of locations that I liked. 

I really enjoyed the photoshoot and think we got some great shots for my portfolio but also for Mariana's social media pages and I hope we can shoot together again soon!

"Rosie is amazing! It may not be grammatically accurate to add the superlative to “amazing” but she is super amazing! Even though we met for the first time when we had the shooting, she just has something that makes you feel so comfortable like you’ve known her for your whole life. We had so much fun and I’m so glad I’ve got to meet her. 
Rosie truly loves what she’s doing, she is very attentive to the details, and she just gets the best of you! The results were great, lovely pictures! She’s just the best photographer I’ve ever known! Thank you, Rosie! And keep it up with the amazing work you are doing!"

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