Maria, Lola & Gigi’s Family Photoshoot

So this is kind of a funny story. I was wandering around Casco Viejo, Panama and walked into a cute shop called Under Cover (see blog post here) and started talking to the owner Maria.

Once I told her I was a photographer, we got talking about doing a photoshoot. So on my last day in Panama City, we got together in a small park and took some photos. 

Maria was very keen on getting some unusual shots with bubbles and toys which I had never done before but was super excited to try and I am so happy with the results! The photographs are fun, cute and very special.

I also loved that Maria was prepared with different 'matching but not matching' outfits for both of the girls too as it felt like more of a photoshoot than a casual day at the park. This photoshoot was totally new for me but it has inspired me to do similar shoots in the future - thanks Maria for the inspiration!

"I met Rosie at the perfect time!
I was looking for someone that could capture special moments with both my daughters… and out of nowhere, during her trip to Panama, she just walked inside my store and voilà, this happened.
Working with her was great. She is profesional, calm and loooovveesss children.
She was very flexible with my ideas and played along excellent.
I am so happy with the results and will treasure these pics for a lifetime.
Thanks R!"


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