Levi’s Baby Photoshoot

My baby nephew Levi was born in May 2016 so we went 3 months later to meet the little bundle of joy. He is such a beautiful baby with blonde hair and big blue eyes. 

I decided to take him outside and get some really lovely photographs of him at 3 months old. I did the baby photoshoot outside to have natural light but also lovely green backgrounds. It was also an opportunity for him to discover the yellow flowers in the grass and spend an afternoon outside being fussed over.

This baby photoshoot gave Josh chance to bond with his beautiful baby boy and also gave Hannah some "me time" on her own.

If you have a newborn baby and want to capture this special moment in your lives, contact me on +33632345158 or contact@provencephotography.fr for more information and to book in a baby photoshoot session.

"Oh my gosh Rosie, these photographs are so cute! I love them! Thanks again!"
Hannah Collinson

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