Kyrie’s 6 Month Photoshoot

This photoshoot was one of my most special sessions to date because I witnessed something truly magical. I saw Kyrie sit for the first time ever in his life!!!

Roxy had organised a photoshoot for her 6 month baby boy Kyrie on the beach and a mini session in my home studio. Whilst we were organising the photoshoot, I asked if Kyrie was sitting or not. Roxy explained to me that he sits for a second, then topples over. 

We sat on the beach and she showed me his sitting. She was expecting him to topple over quickly as he had done previously, but he carried on sitting and it was such a special moment to witness.  

I loved also loved combining both a beach shoot and a studio shoot into one session. If this is something that might interest you, please feel free to send me an email to discuss your ideas!

Provence Photography - Miami Baby Photographer

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