Josh & Hannah’s Family & Pregnancy Photoshoot

I went to visit my big brother and his family in Austria and while I was there I couldn't resist but to do a pregnancy photoshoot for them. Hannah apparently always asks Josh to take photos of her whilst pregnant, but like a lot of people these days, they only have camera phones. 

There's nothing wrong with phone photographs for everyday snaps, but the quality is never as good as a DSLR and a photographer who knows what they're doing. Pregnancy is such a good time in your life to organise a photoshoot as you are glowing from within. You feel so happy, tranquil and peaceful knowing that your little miracle is growing inside of you, kicking around and waiting to come out and meet you!

I loved doing this pregnancy photoshoot as I know it made Hannah feel really special and let her connect with her baby more through doing this. It was a lovely afternoon spent celebrating the new member of the family. Hannah got some lovely portrait photographs, I got some lovely photographs of their little boy Levi, some family photographs of the 3.5 of them, and of course some couple photographs too. 

Josh & Hannah were so happy with the photographs and already have some of these framed in their home.

If you're currently pregnant and want to do a pregnancy photoshoot, contact me on +33632345158 or on to organise a session.

I am looking forward to talking with you and taking some beautiful photographs that you will cherish forever.

Provence Photography - Pregnancy Photoshoot

"We wanted some family & pregnancy photographs taken before I give birth in 2 months time. I always ask my husband to take photographs but phone photos aren't great. It was so exciting to have some lovely professional photographs taken of us all and we loved the experience!"
Hannah Collinson

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