Josh & Hannah’s Engagement Photoshoot

When my big brother Josh and his girlfriend Hannah got engaged, I knew I had to do an engagement photoshoot for them to celebrate. 

We took the photographs at my parents house in the English countryside. They had made bunting to hang in the photographs as they were going to print the best ones off and use them as the wedding invitations.

They wanted a casual/country bumpkin feel to the photographs so they wore casual clothes as we took photographs around the garden and surrounding countryside. 

I loved doing this engagement photoshoot as it was so exciting for the whole family to know a wedding would be on the way!

If you've just gotten engaged and want to have a photoshoot to celebrate this moment, don't hesitate to contact me on +33632345158 or

"Thank you for the photographs Rosie. I can't wait to send out the wedding
invitations using these photographs - they're great!"
Hannah Collinson