Jeremie’s Lifestyle Photoshoot

My husband Jérémie wanted some photographs to use on his website So one evening, we went down to the beach and took some lifestyle photographs. He didn't want them super corporate or serious. Just a couple of him chilling on the beach, reading his kindle, having a walk.

We didn't plan the outfit & colour coordination (as it was a little impromptu and unplanned!) but I think it actually works really well with the colours of the sand and the sea together.

If you want a photoshoot too, contact me on +33632345158 or

Provence Photography - Lifestyle Photoshoot

"We originally went to the beach for an evening walk and ended up getting some really nice pictures for my website. Nothing was planned but I'm so happy with the results! I might not be as objective as I could as Rosie is my wife but I find these photographs really professional and "true" as they show who I really am. I'm extremely proud of her work!"
Jérémie Andre

Provence Photography - Lifestyle Photoshoot
Provence Photography - Lifestyle Photoshoot

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