Isadora Cruz’s Modelling Photoshoot

Isadora Cruz is an actress & model originally from Brazil but she moved to Miami around 5 months ago with her family. We talked to each other on Instagram after I saw her Instagram page and arranged a photoshoot!

We went to the rooftop of her apartment block where there are lots of white walls and cool shadows and shot some photographs.

We had a total of around 10 outfits and took over 1,000 photos!! We got a huge range of photographs that Isadora can use in her acting career for headshots and I built up my portfolio!

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"It was amazing to photograph with you! We had such a fun time! You have a great vision, and you are very detailed, you know how to make the perfect shot so quickly. I love to work with photographers like you that are perfectionists, and know how to get the best out of what they have.
Thank you so much, love all the pics ❤"
Isadora Cruz

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