Gabriella’s Senior Photoshoot

Gabriella's mum, Laurie, is the one who organised this senior portrait session for her 17 year old daughter.

They're going through a bit of a rough patch at the moment and so when she saw on Facebook that I was offering free Senior photoshoots to build my portfolio, they jumped at the chance. Laurie was so excited to provide Gabriella with a fun photoshoot as she deserved some special treatment!

And although I love being paid to do what I love, nothing beats the amount of appreciation I received from Laurie from this shoot. She was so grateful and thankful and that is worth way more to me than money does. 

I think I will continue to provide free photoshoots to people. Not only does it build my portfolio, but I meet people, make connections and really have a positive input on people's lives. 

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