Drema Dial’s Lifestyle Photoshoot

Drema Dial is a Lifestyle Coach living in the beautiful Provence region of the south of France. Drema contacted me as she needed new photographs for her website www.dremadial.com.

Drema's motto is "Create the Life you Love to Live" and so wanted several lifestyle photographs around Aix en Provence showing the good life. Drema's philosophy is that anyone can live the life that they dream of having, and with Drema's coaching, you can too.

To get a good range of photographs in this lifestyle photoshoot, we went for coffee in a gorgeous Provençal café, walked along the beautifully coloured streets, popped into a cake shop and soaked up the Provence way of life. 

If you're a business owner and need new photographs for your website or social media, contact me on +33632345158 or contact@provencephotography.fr to talk about ideas and arrange a date.

"I needed photos to update my website. Rosie was easy to work with and produced some great photos. Catch her before she leaves Provence!" 
Drema Dial

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