Cindy & Timo’s Couple Photoshoot

Cindy & Timo are a lovely couple who contacted me about a couple photoshoot session. They had recently moved to the Provence area and wanted to have some professional photographs to put up in their home.

We stayed very local to where they live and took photographs in the surrounding Provence landscapes. We walked down country lanes, sat in the middle of vineyards, wandered around olive tree fields, stood at the base of the huge Saint Victoire mountain, and even shot in their garden. 

It was great to change location several times throughout the shoot as it gave us lots of different backdrops, angles and variety in compositions. I was able to achieve close up & intimate shots but also wide angle photographs from a distance.

It was so wonderful working with this couple as they are so head-over-heels in love and it was such a pleasure to capture their happiness together.

If you want a couple photoshoot, contact me on +33632345158or to arrange a date!

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