Christmas Photoshoots

Tristan's Christmas Photoshoot

Tristan was the first baby to come to my Christmas mini photoshoot in Miami Beach. His mom dressed him in an adorable Santa outfit which suited the backdrop and theme perfectly!

He had just been asleep in the car so was a little sleepy to begin with but he soon perked up and was giving us lots of smiles and giggles.

Tristan was only 12 weeks old and this will be his very first Christmas so it was so lovely to be able to photograph this occasion for his mom & family! 

I know these photographs will be shared with family & friends this year but I hope they will be shown to him when he is older too!

Provence Photography - Miami Christmas Photoshoot

"Awesome communication throughout the photoshoot process from beginning to end!
It was great working with Rosie because she was kind and patient when dealing with my 3 month old baby,
which is very important to ensure a stress-free photoshoot. "


Ryan's Christmas Photoshoot

Ryan was the second baby who came to my Christmas photoshoot session. He was 14 weeks old, so only 2 weeks older than Tristan for the first shoot. He was such a cutie and I really love how the photographs turned out!

He came with his mom & grandma who both entertained him throughout the whole photoshoot by singing & talking to him. 

Ryan wore a very cute Christmas onesie for the photoshoot which looked great in the photographs next to the red "Merry and Bright" cushion next to him. 

I tried to use different backdrops for each photoshoot session so that they were all slightly different whilst being the same and I think it worked really well.

Provence Photography - Miami Christmas Photoshoot

"Rosie is super sweet and such a pleasure to work with! She is so patient and was doing everything to make my 4 month old laugh at our Christmas session, truly enjoyed working with her and can’t wait to do so again!💕"


Aliana's Christmas Photoshoot

Aliana, who was 14 months old, was the 3rd baby to come to my Christmas photoshoot session and she was wearing the cutest pijamas that said "Santa is my bestie" which were so adorable!

Aliana was so full of energy and fun which was fantastic for the shoot! She was dancing around, opening all of the Christmas boxes & bags and playing on the bed.

We got some great photographs of her sitting, running, dancing and just generally being cheeky!

I had so much fun photographing Aliana and I think her mom had a good work out too dancing behind me to keep her entertained for the shoot!

It's photoshoots like this one that make me love my job!

Provence Photography - Miami Christmas Photoshoot

"Rosie was extremely sweet and understanding despite being late for our session. She still managed to get the most perfect shots in the perfect Christmas set up. I was overjoyed with the results and quality of the images and the pricing was even more impressive. I would definitely recommend her."


Ashaia's Christmas Photoshoot

Ashaia is a gorgeous 7 month old baby girl who came to my Christmas mini session with her grandma & aunty. She was such a pleasure to photograph and was a natural in front of the camera. So much so that she has actually recently been signed to a baby modelling agency!

I loved her pijamas that said "This is my first ugly sweater" which she wore with a Santa hat that was a little bit too big, but it was cute non the less. I really hope the ugly sweater is the theme for all of her Christmas shoots in the next couple of years. How cute are those going to be to look back on?!

We got some absolutely gorgeous photographs of Ashaia and I hope to photograph her again in the future!

Provence Photography - Miami Christmas Photoshoot

"Rosie is a phenomenal photographer.. Patient and on point.. I highly recommend her.."


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