Cecilia & Ben’s Photoshoots

Cecilia & Ben recently got married and came to Miami for their honeymoon. Which is awesome, but they are also 5 months pregnant with their first baby! Aahh!

This was such a special photoshoot celebrating their wedding, honeymoon and pregnancy! I feel so honoured that I was chosen to be their photographer for their very special vacation and I am in love with the photographs!

We photographed in 3 locations with 3 outfits over 2 days. We started on Miami Beach for a beachy photoshoot. We then went to the Miami Beach botanical gardens for a nature inspired shoot. And finished at Vizcaya for a more classic style photoshoot. 

Provence Photography - Maternity/Engagement/Couple Photoshoot

"“We were so lucky to her on our honeymoon photoshoot!”

We found her basically on Instagram. We loved every picture of her work and instantly wanted to contact her. She responded with warm and FAST emails. We were in Korea back then and another photographer was totally MIA , but Rosie showed us such a strong work ethic and beliefs with detailed photoshoot procedures.

She guided some postures which were amazing and helpful for beginners like us for the shoot. She especially made me so comfortable since I am pregnant.

We also had chance to talk about different cultures between Korea and the UK. It was a fun time! It was also a great chance to understand better each other.

It has already been about a month since we came back to Korea but me and my husband, we still keep thinking about how wonderful those days were in Miami with Rosie!

If we have chance to go to Miami with our expecting baby, we would definitely love to have her for our family photoshoot!

We miss you and good luck! Xoxo"