Eleanor’s Chef Photoshoot

Eleanor is my sister-in-law who is a professional chef. She studied food science and has worked for award winning restaurants and several food companies developing recipes for their menus. After creating Simply Pavlova in 2017, she now wants to create her own catering company for weddings and events.

Her ambition is to one day have a TV show and a cook book which I cannot wait for her to achieve as she is so talented and knowledgable!

I stayed with them for a week before Christmas and while I was there, we did a photoshoot in her beautiful kitchen. Eleanor made some of her delicious cranberry sauce for Christmas dinner so I photographed the process for her blog and Instagram

Provence Photography - Headshot Photography

"Rosie was a great photographer for my photoshoot for my Instagram account. She helped capture me making my simple (yet delicious!) cranberry sauce for the holidays. It is difficult to capture photos while cooking, so she was a superb help. She also helped me feel more comfortable behind the camera for the shots I am in. Her editing is always on point as it shows the true nature of the subject at hand and is never over edited."


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