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Engagements & Weddings

The most special day of your life.

And of course, you want someone you can trust to document all the special moments.

Then chose Provence Photography. We provide amazing services for great prices. There are several wedding packages to chose from, plus you can add on any extras to make your day super special.

Engagement photo-shoots are becoming very popular for various different reasons. People use these as wedding invitations (as the couple below), some use these as a great sessions to bond with your wedding photographer, they are a good way to get used to acting natural in photographs in preparation for the wedding day. There are numerous reasons for doing an engagement photo-shoot, so don't miss out.

For more information, head over to our wedding page.

Engagement photo-shoot €350. Wedding day photography from €850.



Portraits are used in various ways, including the obvious - for actors & models to find work, but also businesses use portraits for "about me" pages. They can be used on social media websites such as LinkedIn or Twitter, but also dating websites & apps (where good photographs showing your personality and best features is very important). They can be used as Christmas cards with a photograph of the whole family together. Portraits can be a celebration of a special friendship. Or to show the unbreakable connection between siblings. Or a special mother & daughter bond. All of these are widely varied and require different photography skill sets for each subject. So choose Provence Photography for your portrait photography and get some really great photographs that personally meet your needs.

For more information or if you'd like to talk to me about any portrait photography, contact me here.

Portrait photography starting from €50.


Pregnancy & Babies

Pregnancies, baby showers & new born photography is hugely popular these days with new parents getting gorgeous photographs of their precious babies. Why not have Provence Photography photograph the wonderful miracle that is pregnancy. I can come over to your place to photograph you anywhere from 3-9 months pregnant, or even once/twice a month if you'd like to capture the growth of your special bump. It's a lovely occasion to photograph your baby bump with both parents, but also with any older siblings too. I am able also come & photograph any baby showers or scans etc to make sure not to miss anything. And then of course, I will come and take some photographs of your beautiful baby a couple of days, weeks or months after the birth. Whenever you feel is right for you & your baby is absolutely fine. It's great to capture their tiny fingers & toes. Their little mouth and squishy cheeks as babies grow up so quickly.

If you'd like to talk to me about pregnancy or baby photography, contact me here.

Pregnancy photo-shoot from €50. New born photography from €150.


Day Trips around Provence

 A selection of 4 hour Provence Day Trips.
Visiting iconic places. Taking lots of photographs. Having lots of fun.

  The 1st trip is specifically for those who want to enjoy some gorgeous lavender fields. Definitely one to tick off The Bucket List! 
The 2nd is the wine & vineyard tour. We will visit several vineyards while tasting different wines & taking in the gorgeous scenery, while photographing the day.
The 3rd trip we offer is a lovely day around Lubéron. The famously beautiful part of Provence with gorgeous hill top towns, stunning views & of course a couple of good churches along the way!
The 4th option is a coastal trip. We will head to several seaside towns to see some fabulous views, eat some freshly caught fish and take in some fresh sea air into your lungs. 

Of course, if you want to mix & match, that is also possible. We can create a custom day trip to suit your interests.

Day trips from €350 per couple for 4 hours.
Includes travel & around 100 edited photographs.


Events & Parties

Do you have an event or party coming up? Maybe a surprise birthday party or a works do, and you want some photographs taken to remember the night. Contact me!

I will come along to any event and take photographs of the guests, the food (& drinks) & the venue. I will walk around the party, making sure to photograph all the guests as they talk among themselves, but will also get some group shots of people together. This means you will have a good range of photographs to remember the night.

For a company, you can use these photographs on your company's social media pages, or on the newsletter etc or even just print them off to put on the walls of the office.

For parties, birthdays & celebrations, its a lovely way to get decent photographs of people together who don't see each other often enough. Having a catch up and a good time together.

Event photography from €80 per hour.


Product Photography

I also do product photography which can be anything from a watch you want to sell on eBay to some hand made ceramics to put on your professional website. This could be cupcakes that you sell in a cafe to your skills as a tattoo artist. Or it could be a car you wish to sell online.. the possibilities are endless!

I use a my DSLR camera, a flash & a tripod to make sure I get high quality photographs. These images will drastically increase your chances of selling anything. For people to part with their hard earned cash, they need to have great photographs showing the quality of the product they will be buying.

Contact me here for more information or to set up a meeting.

Product photography from €50.


Property Photography

Property photography is so important these days with everyone having their house/apartment on sites like Airbnb available to rent. And as there are so many houses/flats to choose from, how do you make sure your property stands out from the rest? That's where Provence Photography comes in. Get some professional photographs taken to help sell your place to potential renters.

A lot of people these days are also selling their properties themselves, without the help from Estate Agents. So again, you need to have high quality photographs to sell your home online to potential buyers.

By using Provence Photography, you will receive light & bright photographs with great compositions to attract potential buyers/renters. Don't hesitate to contact me for all your property photography.

Property photography from €50.


About Me

Rosanna André
Founder & Photographer
I am a self-taught photographer. I come from an arts background after completing a degree in Textiles in 2011. I have since been focusing my attention on my photography, learning as much as possible.

In 2015 I decided to pursue my dream and set up Provence Photography. I have photographed numerous weddings, along with photographing couples, children, pregnancies, families, properties and products. My work is very clean, fresh & natural.

I also love travel & landscape photography, with my work being for sale in several galleries. Contact me for prints.

It's an absolute pleasure to welcome you to Provence Photography and I really hope to hear from you soon.

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